Celebrating 20 Years of Service 1999-2019

Our Services



Chapman Burner and Heating provides a variety of Mechanical Services to High Density Residential, Commercial and Industrial Customers - some of the services we perform are: 

· Boiler replacement 


· Boiler re-tubing            


· Boiler annual service inspection, maintenance and repair 


· Boiler and ancillary equipment installations 


· Burner repair, replacement and modification on all types of appliances and fuel systems 


· Boiler, burner and control system troubleshooting and repair 


· Combustion analysis, including NOX 


· Heating, and mechanical system repair and scheduled maintenance 


· Domestic water pump, control and valve systems 


· Pump repair and modification, system water curve analysis (simplex & duplex) 


· Backflow preventer testing, repair and installation 

Please Note:

 We do not do Residential in-suite work